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This never fails to amuse.


Right it was going to have to happen, here are my top xmas ads. Lets face it Christmas ads- the are majority for gals, we get it, but boys appreciate and enjoy  LOL.

New York ad agency JWT came up with this brilliantly creative campaign for razor company Schick. LOVE IT. BRAINY.


100 days, 100 dances, 100 songs by Ely Kim just too funny. HI Anis. Hi Adidas. Hot dancing. boom.

Been away a bit this summer found this film which makes ya want to get out, travllers rucksack and all. Kerstin zu Pan’s series Selfservice features a hilarious milk maid traveling the world.Love it. Also sleeping underwater amongst marine life- someone take me to there?

From movie stars and musicians to dictators and politicians, Dominic Philibert is able to recreate some of the most famous faces in the world, pretty freaky and pretty great. also nice weird  Ratatat vid.

Superheros are normal too peoples. Gregg Segal followed the men and women who parade outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood who dress up, day in and day out, in superhero outfits and these are their lives.

Mason funny great designer and illustrator. Enjoy. RIP Liz

Just so funny. Cheer y’all up x

There really are some super awesome ads at the moment. Flipping ‘ek i take my hats of to those amazing thinkers. Trying to get inspired for a project. so. ridiculously. stuck. Maybe blogging about a cold beer is what i should be doing. GRR.