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Raw Color created the photo-series for this years exhibition expressing each participants vulnerability. That deepness aside, I really like the images. Nice.


MARIE DEHE X JULOT BANDIT FOR WADMAG.. love this too much.  We know I love beards and hair so it is closely  followed by Julian Wolkenstein and Paul Sharp introduce you to the fascinating and stimulating world of postichery images. Just too good.

NIKE POOL SERVICE (click here)

We know I love skaters, so here is some more skateboarding stuff. Impressive, 12-year-old skateboarder Tom Schaar has become the first person to ever land a 1080, beating Tony Hawk’s previous record of a 900 which he landed in 1999. Also shot by Bill Eppridge back in the 1960s for LIFE magazine, these black and white images depict both kids and adults skateboarding around New York love it. Bang architects wicked skate park in Calais France. Tops. Lastly the best idea ever, Nike has teamed up with Pool Builders, who when the swimming pool is built but not filled with water (and the customers away) accept a small fee to let skaters skate in the pit! so good. watch.

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Sincerely Hana pictures of couples and friends in swapped clothes. LOVE IT.



Tibaud Herem‘s work OH SO FAB. Lines, sharp, graphic. Right up my street.

Really love the Sky Series by Eric Cahan. Simple. Nice. Pantone kinda. Click on the pictures to see when and where they where taken.

Got a mad response to my man style, thanks boy followers! you asked many a question, of which some best left  unanswered, but you asked for some hot chicks pics. Nothing crude, but why not a few pretty dignified  ladies.

We love the furry thangs. Cool Carli Davidson. But I might even like this birds vid more. LOL at the last vid. Have a peek at dog Judo too.


Porcelain peoples. Galliano porcelain and China Kiera by Testino and weird ass china sculptures. and China by Rihanna and Coldplay. Cool.

All my man fans been giving me grief for doing no boy style so here you go x chromosomes. more boyish posts to come xx